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Mar 30

Upcoming Opportunities to Honor our Navy’s Heritage

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 12:01 AM

Greetings from the Navy Commemorations Office.

For your handy reference, here’s a list of upcoming anniversaries that honor our nation’s naval heritage.

US Navy Birthday (Annual; 250th Anniversary in 2025)

Battle of Midway (Annual, 75th Anniversary in 2017)

Centennial of Naval Aviation (100th Anniversary in 2011)

The U.S. Navy has an enduring legacy of hosting major maritime events throughout the history of our nation. On 31 May 1934, USS Indianapolis hosted President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the 1934 Presidential Naval Review off New York City.

First American in Space (50th Anniversary in 2011)

Civil War (150th Anniversary in 2011-2015)

USS Monitor v. CSS Virginia (150th Anniversary in 2012)

War of 1812 (200th Anniversary in 2012-2015)

Establishment of US Navy Reserve Force (100th Anniversary in 2015)

World War I (100th Anniversary 2017-2018)

World War II (75th Anniversary 2016-2020)

Women in the Navy: Establishment of Yeoman (F) Rating (100th Anniversary in 2017) and the WAVES (75th Anniversary in 2017)

D-Day Normandy (75th Anniversary in 2019)

Founding of West India Squadron (Anti-piracy: 200th Anniversary in 2022)

Commissioning of First Aircraft Carrier (100th Anniversary in 2022)

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