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Mar 27

USS Constellation Aids Victims of Irish Famine

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:47 PM

The USS Constellation loading famine relief supplies for Ireland at the New York Navy Yard, in March 1880.

March 27th, 1880

The USS Constellation departs from New York with food for famine victims in Ireland

  The USS Constellation, a frigate first launched in 1797, held a long naval career, which spanned over the length of a century, and exemplified both the military and humanitarian aspects of the U. S. Navy. Towards the end of her career, the Constellation was charged with the duty of bringing aid to the victims of the ongoing famine in Ireland. In this duty, and in several others undertaken at the same point in her career, the Constellation served as an ambassador of sorts for the United States abroad, advancing American relations with other nations. A brief excerpt of her career, from an artical by Ruby Duval in the December 1935 issue of Proceedings documents some of the many duties which made the Constellation such an ambassador.

The Constellation was placed out of commission until 1855 when, after rebuilding at the Norfolk Navy Yard, she was ordered to the Mediterranean to join the squadron of Commodore Breese. Read the rest of this entry »