Mar 27

Saturday Ship Cover: USS Boise (CL-47)

Saturday, March 27, 2010 12:00 PM


Welcome to the premiere installment of Saturday Ship Cover on The Naval History Blog. Each Saturday we will feature a different cover so please add us to your blogroll.

According to the Universal Ship Cancellation Society:

Originally, a “navy cover” was just a letter from a sailor, or even a postcard, with the postmark from the ship’s post office (Navy ships have had their own post offices since 1908). By the 1930’s collectors began sending their own envelopes, or “covers”, to ships for examples of these postmarks. Many have been decorated with designs called cachets, some of which are true works of art.

This week’s feature is the USS Boise (CL-47).

Note: The Navy Department Library is interested in accepting donations of US Navy and foreign navy ship postal covers to expand the collection.
  • Greg Ciesielski

    This cover was created by Louis Weigand, one of the better cachetmakers of his time. It is postmarked with three different postmarks; a Locy Type 6 (duplex), a Locy Type 9x (Parcel Post) upper right corner and a Locy Type 9w (M.O.B. – Money Order Business). Locy was Dr Francis E. Locy, USN who devised the classification system that naval collectors use to identify the postmarks on the covers. The classification system was created in 1929 and continues today.

  • Capt Lawrence B. Brennan, USN Ret.

    Another great cover from a WWII ship, the Brooklyn-class light cruiser, USS Boise.