Apr 4

This Week in U.S. Navy History: 4-10 April

Sunday, April 4, 2010 4:48 AM


April 4

1776 – Continental Navy frigate Columbus captures HM Tender Hawke, first American capture of British armed vessel

1898 – Appointment of first Civil Engineering Corps officer, Mordecai Endicott, as Chief, Bureau of Yards and Docks

April 5

1946 – USS Missouri arrives in Turkey to return the body of Turkish ambassador to the U.S. and to show U.S. support and willingness to defend Turkey.

April 6

1779 – Sloop-of-war Ranger, frigate Queen of France and frigate Warren capture British Hibernia and 7 other vessels

1862 – Naval Gunfire from Tyler and Lexington help save Union Troops at Battle of Shiloh

1909 – Commander Robert E. Peary reports reaching the North Pole

1917 – U.S. declares war on Germany marking the official entry of the U.S. in World War I.

1945 – First heavy kamikaze attack on ships at Okinawa

1968 – USS New Jersey recommissioned for shore bombardment duty in Vietnam

April 7

1942 – Navy accepts African Americans for general service

1945 – Carrier aircraft defeat last Japanese Navy sortie (Battle of East China Sea); Yamato, world’s largest battleship, and five other ships sunk

1979 – Launching of first Trident submarine, USS Ohio (SSBN-726) at Groton, CT

April 8

1925 – First planned night landings on a carrier, USS Langley, by VF-1

1950 – Unarmed Navy PB4 Y-2 BuNo 59645 shot down over Baltic Sea by USSR becoming one of the first casualties of the Cold War.

April 9

1941 – Commissioning of USS North Carolina, which carried 9 16-inch guns

1943 – Re-establishment of Commodore rank

1959 – Selection of first 7 Mercury astronauts, include 4 naval aviators

April 10

1941 – USS Niblack, while rescuing survivors of torpedoed ship, depth charged German submarine; first action of WW II between U.S. and German navies

1963 – During diving tests, USS Thresher lost with all hands (112 crew and 12 civilians) east of Cape Cod, MA

1966 – River Patrol Boats of River Patrol Force commenced operations on inland waters of South Vietnam

If you think we are missing any key events in U.S. Navy history, please let us know in the comments section — NHHC

  • BJ Armstrong

    Ranger wasn’t launched until 1777 (May 10th)? Not sure how she cruised in April of 1776. After CAPT Paul Jones gave up command she cruised with Queen of France and Warren, but that was in FEB of 1779.

  • Good catch BJ! I am going to remove that entry and get things ironed out. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • BJ, thanks for catching that. It should be 1779 not 1776. Thanks again for reading and commenting.