Apr 25

This Week in U.S. Navy History: 25 April – 1 May

Sunday, April 25, 2010 12:01 AM


April 25

1862 Union naval forces occupy New Orleans, LA

1898 Congress declares war existed with Spain since 21 April

1914 First combat observation mission by Navy plane, at Veracruz, Mexico.

1917 Naval Armed Guard crew on board SS Mongolia engage and damage a German U-boat. This was the first engagement of U.S. naval personnel against the enemy in World War I.

1959 USS Eversole rescues 14 Chinese Nationalist fishermen from their sinking fishing trawler in the Formosa Strait.

April 26

1921 U.S. Naval Detachment left Yugoslavia after administering area around Spalato for 2 years to guarantee transfer of area from Austria to new country

1952 USS Hobson sinks after colliding with USS Wasp; 176 lives lost

April 27

1805 Naval forces capture Derne, Tripoli; raise U.S. flag over foreign soil

1813 U.S. Navy and Army forces capture York (now Toronto), Canada

1861 President Lincoln extended blockade of Confederacy to VA and NC ports

April 28

1862 Naval forces capture Forts Jackson and St. Philip, LA

1944 U.S. LSTs attacked during Operation Tiger

April 29

1814 USS Peacock captures HMS Epervier

1898 U.S. warships engage Spanish gunboats and shore batteries at Cienfuegos, Cuba

1944 Fast carrier task force (12 carriers) commence 2 day bombing of Truk

April 30

1798 Congress establishes Department of the Navy

1975 Saigon falls to North Vietnamese forces

May 1

1898 Battle of Manila Bay, Adm Dewey defeats Spanish at Manila, Philippines

1951 USS Princeton aircraft attack Hwachon Dam using aerial torpedoes, only use of this weapon in Korean War

1980 11 Navy ships begin operations assisting Coast Guard in rescuing Cuban refugees fleeing Cuba in overcrowded boats

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