May 4

From Our Archives: Caption Contest

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 12:01 AM


  • “You may fire when ready, Gilbeys”

  • Byron

    Take that, Josephus Daniels!

  • O’B

    How could you forget the Olives!

  • MMAmbassador

    It fires olives!

  • JayAre

    I’d rudder be at Happy Hour!

  • Joseph Davis

    What will follow the Zumwalt class (all three of them) if Gates has his way…but hey, we are going to have all kinds of RPVs right? What can a destroyer do that an RPV cannot?? Right???

  • Jim Valle

    The Royal Navy uses creative recycling to overcome the latest round of budget cuts.

  • Lilliput Navy’s new stealth patrol boat.

  • Airedale

    “Man your bottle stations” !

  • (We add a slice of lime to fight the scurvy)

  • Steve Stallings

    Well it’s five o’clock somewhere