Jul 10

Nurse Recalls 1945 Kamikaze Attack on the Navy Hospital Ship Comfort

Saturday, July 10, 2010 12:01 AM


Frank X. Mullen, Jr. of the Reno Gazette Journal writes,

“Sixty-five years ago, Reno resident Doris Gardner Howard survived a suicide bomber attack on her hospital ship, the USS Comfort, off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. On Thursday, Howard, now 90, was the honored guest of the USNS Comfort in Baltimore Harbor. The vessel, the third American hospital ship to bear the name, is the descendant of the World War II Comfort, which survived the kamikaze plane attack. Howard, a former nurse and U.S. Army lieutenant, was invited to Baltimore for the ship’s change-of-command ceremony and to tour a floating hospital that distinguished itself on missions of mercy throughout the world, just as her own Comfort did during the world war. “

Full article here.

For a brief history of the USS COMFORT (AH-6) click here.

  • Nick Mendoza

    Ms Gardner/Howard, My father fought on Okinawa, but died in a fire in ’93, if possible I would like to know if the U.S.S. Comfort was
    on station off the coast of Okinawa on or before April 1, 1945 and
    where there any kamikaze attacks on any ships prior to the invasion?