Jul 13

Aircraft Carrier Ranger Might Become Museum Ship On Oregon River

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 12:46 PM


FOX 12 News in Oregon is reporting, “A giant aircraft carrier may soon find a permanent home on the Columbia River. Chinook Landing Marine Park, located near Fairview, is the desired site for the U.S.S. Ranger, a retired supercarrier.”

Full story here. Images from our photo archives as well as a brief history of the USS Ranger (CV-61) can be found here.

The underway replenishment ship USS Camden (AOE 2) transfers fuel to the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-61) on June 15, 1986 about 400 miles south of Hawaii during the "RIMPAC 86" exercise. (Official U.S. Navy photo).

  • Old Soldier

    Say, I think I know where they can get a decorated veteran protected cruiser. Cheap as a reef, too.

  • Jeff Coffman

    Don’t think this photo was during RIMPAC. I was on during RIMPAC and if this photo was shot on June 15, it isn’t RIMPAC. That was August – October 1986.