Aug 6

Battle of Vella Gulf, 6 August 1943

Friday, August 6, 2010 9:59 AM


The Battle of Vella Gulf begins shortly before midnight, as six destroyers of Task Group 36.2, under Commander Frederick Moosbrugger, attack four Japanese destroyers attempting to bring troops and supplies to Kolombangara, Solomon Islands, in the Vella Gulf. Dunlap (DD 384), Craven (DD 382), and Maury (DD 401) sink three of the Japanese destroyers: Kawakaze, Hagikaze, and Arashi. The U.S force suffers no damage.

  • Jim Valle

    Captain Hara describes this battle from the Japanese perspective in his book “Japanese Destroyer Captain”. His ship was the only survivor on his side but later in drydock they found that an American torpedo had passed through her rudder without detonating so all the Japanese ships were “hit”. Thanks to radar fire control the advantage previously enjoyed by the Japanese in night battles passed to the Americans, Captain Hara writes. It was the handwriting on the wall for the Japanese destroyer force.

  • Karen Umberger

    I found this blog and wanted to let people know that James W. Fisher head torpedo man on the Maury during the Battle of Vella Gulf passed away on August 21st. We have heard many stories from JW about his experiences during this and other battles in the Pacific. He will be sorely missed. Karen Umberger

  • Karen Umberger

    Would enjoy hearing from anyone who know JW Fisher