Oct 15

Cool Ship Plaque: USS Alameda County (AVB-1)

Friday, October 15, 2010 7:30 AM


  • Gary

    AVB is defined as a Aviation Logistics Support Ship, didn’t know that myself. This was the former LST 32 from WWII.

  • Gary

    O.K. I got it, the LST sailors land the SeaBees, and build the air strip.

  • Sean Walsh

    There are currently two T-AVBs in the Ready Reserve Force (T-AVB 3: Wright and T-AVB 4: Curtiss) which are designed to transport a set of modular maintenance facilities (meeting 20 foot ISO container standards) to provide IM level support to a Marine Air Wing. I was assigned as the SUPSHIP New Orleans Project Officer during their conversion from commercial combo roll-on/roll-off/containerships at Todd Shipyard in Galveston, TX in 1985-87. I did some research at the time and if I remember correctly, AVB 1 and 2 were intended to support forward deployed patrol plane squadrons.

  • Harry Lehan

    AVB1 was originally the USS LST32 and was refitted at the Bethelhem Shipyards in Staten Island, N.Y. in the summer of 1953.
    It was sent to Timbakion(?) Crete to assist in the landing of P2V Neptunes on the former Luftwaffe airfield there. The crew was not allowed ashore as the Nato forces, Greek Army, were in the process of demining the exteriorof the airfield. I believe we were there about six weeks and then went to Naples, Italy which then became our home port.