Nov 18

USS Kirk – (FF 1087) The Lucky Few

Thursday, November 18, 2010 3:08 PM


Now Showing on NavyTV: – the story of the USS Kirk.

In late April and early May of 1975, the destroyer escort USS Kirk became a haven for refugees fleeing South Vietnam. Kirk‘s officers and enlisted personnel–trained as warriors–instantly transformed their man-of-war into a humanitarian assistance ship. Desperation and anguish gave way to reassurance as crew members fed their unexpected guests, dispensed medical care, diapered infants and provided hope to a dispirited people.

A story of courage, of compassion and hope.

  • Eva McLaughlin

    I am trying to locate a copy of the Lucky Few for a library patron and the link at goes to a 404 error page. Is there any way to get a copy of this documentary?

    Thanks for any help you can give me in this matter.

  • It seems that getting a copy of this documentary is now impossible. I have a copy because I was onboard the USS Kirk, DE 1987 in April May of 1975. The copy I have has no copyright notice and I will be checking to see if this can be freely copied for distribution.

  • Mike Rhode

    This documentary is available from the Navy’s BUMED Office of Medical History, and is copyright free as a US government work product. Contact me at [email protected] for a copy

  • Captain Gabe

    Mr. Rhode was good enough to get me a copy and I have posted it at the above link for everyone to see.

  • Pissed Working White Male

    Wow. I was in the hospital, back in the world.
    Bravo Zulu to Kirk and her crew . We never heard this story. You make me very proud of my Navy.