Dec 15

Some new titles at the Navy Department Library

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:17 PM


Come visit us at the Washington Navy Yard to check out these and many more books!

Allah’s angels : Chechen women in war / by Paul J. Murphy

An Army at the crossroads / by Andrew F. Krepinevich

Attitudes aren’t free : thinking deeply about diversity in the US armed forces / [edited by] James E. Parco, David A. Levy

The Battle of North Cape : the death ride of the Scharnhorst, 1943 / by Angus Konstam

The Brusilov offensive / by Timothy C. Dowling

Central Greece and the politics of power in the fourth century BC / by John Buckler and Hans Beck

Cities of the dead : contesting the memory of the Civil War in the South, 1865-1914 / by William A. Blair

A concise history of Hungary / by Miklós Molnár ; translated by Anna Magyar

A different kind of war : the United States Army in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), October 2001-September 2005 / by Donald P. Wright … [et al.]

Douglas MacArthur : statecraft and stagecraft in America’s East Asian policy / by Russell D. Buhite

Essays in naval history, from medieval to modern / by N.A.M. Rodger

Forgotten Warriors : the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, the Corps Ethos, and the Korean War / by Thomas X Hammes

The fortifications of Gibraltar 1068-1945 / by Darren Fa & Clive Finlayson ; illustrated by Adam Hook

The Great Wall at sea : China’s Navy in the twenty-first century / by Bernard D. Cole

Heroic leadership : leading with integrity and honor / by William A. Cohen

Intelligence co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II / edited by Tessa Stirling, Daria Nałęcz, Tadeusz Dubicki 

The Israel-Palestine conflict : one hundred years of war / by James L. Gelvin

The legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995 : myth, memories, and monuments / by Lisa A. Kirschenbaum

Lessons for a long war : how America can win on new battlefields / by Thomas Donnelly and Frederick W. Kagan, editors

Mosquito empires : ecology and war in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914 / by J.R. McNeill

Navigating African maritime history / edited by Carina E. Ray and Jeremy Rich

Nazism, fascism and the working class / by Tim Mason ; edited by Jane Caplan

Overcoming the Bush legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan / by Deepak Tripathi 

Project Azorian : the CIA and the raising of the K-129 / by Norman Polmar; Michael White

The real story of the USS Johnston DD-821 : as told by the officers and sailors who served aboard her / edited by George A. Sites

Revolt on the Tigris : the Al-Sadr uprising and the governing of Iraq / by Mark Etherington

The rocket propelled grenade / by Gordon L. Rottman

A search for sovereignty : law and geography in European Empires, 1400–1900 / by Lauren Benton

Shipbuster : Mosquito Mk XVIII “Tse-tse” : an Operational History / by by Alex Crawford

SS Charlemagne : the 33rd Waffen-Grenadier Division of the SS / by Tony Le Tissier

Storm of steel : the development of armor doctrine in Germany and the Soviet Union, 1919-1939 / by Mary R. Habeck

Strategic rivalries in world politics : position, space and conflict escalation / by Michael P. Colaresi, Karen Rasler and William R. Thompson

Targeting civilians in war / by Alexander B. Downes

The three circles of war : understanding the dynamics of conflict in Iraq / edited by Heather S. Gregg, Hy S. Rothstein, and John Arquilla

Trailblazer : the U.S. Navy’s first Black admiral / by Samuel L. Gravely Jr. with Paul Stillwell

Treading on hallowed ground : counterinsurgency operations in sacred spaces / edited by C. Christine Fair and Sumit Ganguly

U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2004-2008 : anthology and annotated bibliography / compiled with an introduction by Nicholas J. Schlosser

U.S.S Cyclops / by Marvin W. Barrash

Victorious and vulnerable : why democracy won in the 20th century and how it is still imperiled / by Azar Gat

The vital spark : the British coastal trade, 1700-1930 / by John Armstrong

War and the law of nations : a general history / by Stephen C. Neff взять деньги в долг на карту

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