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Navy-Themed Sheet Music of the WWI Era (1914-1919)

Monday, January 17, 2011 12:01 AM


Navy-Themed Sheet Music of the WWI Era (1914-1919) as drawn from Bernard S. Parker’s World War I Sheet Music. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2007. 2 vols.

The purpose of this list is to provide basic information on Navy-themed sheet music of the WWI period (1914-1919) as drawn from Parker’s work. The term “Navy-themed” refers to the cover illustration of the sheet music. In order to be considered “Navy-themed”, the cover illustration must be totally or mostly related to a Navy theme–sailors, warships, etc. While the Navy appears on a great many of the 9,670 items listed in Parker, it is usually in a minor role—a sailor standing next to a soldier, a warship in the background, etc. These have not been included in this list, nor have sheet music with words only on the cover.

1. Admiral Dewey. (1917) Lyricist: M.W. Murray

2. All For The Red, White, and Blue. (1919) Lyricist: Samuel E. Carter

3. All Hail To America. (1917) Lyricist: Peter Philip Bilhorn

4. America Awakes. (1918) Lyricist: Allen W. Woodruff

5. America Home Sweet Home. (1917) Lyricist: Carrie M. Brooks

6. America Is Ready. (1917) Lyricist: Josephine B. Cassidy

7. America Leads The Way. (1917) Lyricist: Addison A. Dart

8. American War March. (1917) Lyricist: S.J. Trietel

9. America’s Call. (1918) Lyricist: Edward F. Larkins

10. (Army) Yankees On The Rhine, (Navy) Yankees On The Brine. (1918) Lyricist: F.N. Graves

11. Battle Ship Rag. (1915) Lyricist: Thos S. Allen

12. Battleship Connecticut. (1919) Lyricist: James M. Fulton

13. Beacon Lights. (1918) Lyricist: M.T. Donovan

14. Boys In Navy Blue. (1918) Lyricist: Tom W. Sageman

15. Boys Of The USA. (1918) Lyricist: Elizabeth Kelly

16. Boys Of The USN. (1918) Lyricist: Laura G. Pringle & Edward P. Belcher

17. Bury The Hun. (1918) Lyricist: Archie Coates

18. Cheese It! We Should Worry! In The Good Old USA. (1915). Lyricist: Frederick Hall

19. Coaling Up In Colon Town. (1916) Lyricist: Raymond Egan

20. Columbian Patrol. (1917) Lyricist: E.S. Phelps

21. Come Along. (1917) Lyricist: Arthur Angyalfi & George Rosey

22. Come On Boys. (1919) Lyricist: Ella M. Rose

23. Come Take A Dip In My Submarine. (1914) Lyricist: Carl C. Diener

24. Davy Of The Navy, You’re A Wonderful Boy. (1918) Lyricist: Harold Dixon

25. Deep Sea Blues. (1918) Lyricist: Q. Roscoe Snowden

26. Democracy. (1919) Lyricist: Joseph Dutton

27. Do We Remember Dewey At Manila? (1918) Lyricist: Mort Green

28. Down In The U-17, A Musical Torpedo. (1915) Lyricist: Roger Lewis

29. Down The Lane And Home Again. (1919) Lyricist: Edgar Leslie & Bert Kalmar

30. E-Yip-Yow! Yankee Boys Welcome Home Again. (1918) Lyricist: Bob F. Sear

31. Fight For The Flag We Love. (1917) Lyricist: Clarence Zolinger & Billy Smythe

32. Fighting Navy Of The Good Old USA. (1917) Lyricist: Sam Keane

33. Fighting Navy Of The U.S.A. (1918) Lyricist: Charles A. Snyder

34. For Old Glory (Uncle Sam We Are Preparing). (1917) Lyricist: Walter Irving

35. For The Stars And Stripes We Live And Die. (1914) Lyricist: Angelo Garrasi

36. Freedom On The Seas. (1918) Lyricist: Henry M. Wharton

37. Gim’me A Kiss Mirandy. (1917) Lyricist: Forrest S. Rutherford

38. Give A Little Credit To The Navy. (1918) Lyricist: Bud De Sylva & Gus Kahn

39. Give Your Hand To Uncle Sam. (1916) Lyricist: H.S. Steege

40. God Bless You Boy In Blue. (1918) Lyricist: Floyd Delker

41. Going To Kick The Kaiser. (1917) Lyricist: Lura Allen Perdue

42. Good Bye America. (1918) Lyricist: James O’Keefe

43. Good Bye France! Hello Miss Liberty! (1919) Lyricist: James Edward Wilson

44. Good Bye Parley Voodle, Hello Yankee Doodle. (1919) Lyricist: J.J. Ward

45. Goodbye America. (1917) Lyricist: W.J. McKeever

46. Good-Bye Billy Hohenzollern, Good-Bye. (1918) Lyricist: R.R. Davidson

47. Goodbye Kaiser Bill. (1918) Lyricist: J.L. Waldorf

48. Good-Bye Mother. (1918) Lyricist: F. Arlington Smith

49. Grand America. (1917) Lyricist: Jennibelle O’Connor

50. Gunner Jim. (1918) Lyricist: Harold L. Cool

51. Gussie. (1918) Lyricist: Royal Baron

52. Hear The Call. (1918) Lyricist: Edward Welsh

53. Here’s To Our Sailors In Blue. (1918) Lyricist: Eva Allen Ball

54. He’s Mother’s Sailor Boy. (1918) Lyricist: Ben Cohen

55. Hicki-Hoy. (1915) Lyricist: Stanley Murphy

56. His Land Of Red, White, And Blue. (1914) Lyricist: Lillian Knox

57. Home Again. (1919) Lyricist: Henry Van Dyke

58. Home Again, Boys, Home Again, Back Across The Sea. (1919) Lyricist: Harry Leslie Brown

59. Hun Is On The Wave. (1918) Lyricist: Myron B. Marshall

60. Hurrah For America. (1919) Lyricist: Elinor Root

61. Hyja, My Pretty Nile Queen. (1918) Lyricist: James O’Keefe

62. I Love To Be A Sailor. (1916) Lyricist: Harry Lauder

63. I Want A Submarine. (1918) Lyricist: P.A. Draper

64. I Want Uncle Same To Bulid A Navy That Will Lick All Creation. (1916) Lyricist: Wm H. Pease & O.E. Errmann

65. If Sammy Simpson Shot The Shutes, Why Shouldn’t He Shoot The Shots? (1917) Lyricist: Ed. P. Morgan

66. I’ll Be Back Mary. (1918) Lyricist: Eugene West

67. I’ll Be Waiting Sailor Boy For You. (1918) Lyricist: Great Howard & Wm. Gahagan

68. I’ll Come Back And Be Your Sailor Boy. (1918) Lyricist: Sandy Chapman & Bert Meyers

69. I’m Going To Hire A Submarine. (1915) Lyricist: Don Fluhr

70. In The Harbor Of My Mother’s Arms. (1918) Lyricist: Monty Brice

71. In The Navy. (1918) Lyricist: Richard Howard

72. In Time Of Peace Prepare For War. (1916) Lyricist: Jeff Branen

73. It Must Have Been Some Wonderful Boy (Who Taught Her How To Love). (1918) Lyricist: Wm. Tracey & Jack Stern

74. It’s Great To Be A Navy Man. (1914) Lyricist: Charles Dodan

75. Ja-Da. (1918) Lyricist: Bob Carleton

76. Jasper Jones (Or I’m In The Navy Now). (1918) Lyricist: Sidney D. Wright

77. Lad O’er The Sea. (1918) Lyricist: Gertrude Wilson

78. Leave It To The Navy. (1918) Lyricist: R.N. Moffatt

79. Let Our Flag Wave On The Ocean. (1914) Lyricist: Ada Bombard Broas

80. Let Us Boys Fight For Our Nation (And Stick To The U.S.A. (1917) Lyricist: Victor Haimovitch

81. Let’s Be Prepared For Peace Or War. (1916) Lyricist: Raymond A. Browne

82. Message In The Bottle From The Sea. (1918) Lyricist: Will E. Skidmore & Clyde Hooper

83. My Life Belongs To Uncle Sam But My Heart Belongs To You. (1914) Lyricist: Otto Motzan

84. My Son, Your Country Is Calling. (1917) Lyricist: Milton Charles Bennett

85. Naval Reserve March. (1917) Lyricist: John Philip Sousa

86. Naval Review March. (1920) Lyricist: Bert Brown

87. Navy Swing. (1915) Lyricist: Arthur Lenox

88. Navy Took Them Over And The Navy Will Bring Them Back. (1918) Lyricist: Howard Johnson

89. Navy Waltz. (1918) Lyricist: William Hartman

90. Navy Will Bring Them Back. (1918) Lyricist: Howard Johnson

91. Neal Of The Navy. (1915) Lyricist: Charles Bayha

92. Ocean Must Be Free. (1917) Lyricist: Dave Kohn & Lew Flint

93. Oh! Jack, When Are You Coming Back? (1917) Lyricist: Andrew B. Sterling

94. Old Glory, A Song Of Preparedness. (1916) Lyricist: Edwin Skedden & Katherine Pike

95. Old Glory Goes Marching On. (1918) Lyricist: Paul B. Armstrong

96. Old Von Steuben Rag, A Seagoing Jazz. (1918) Lyricist: John H. Campbell

97. On! On!To Victory. (1918) Lyricist: Geo. Grether

98. On The Deck. (1919) Lyricist: Jessie Norman Cornly

99. On The Good Ship U.S.A. (1918) Lyricist: Karl G. Cahoon.

100. Onward To Berlin. (no date) Lyricist: Max Hoenig

101. Our Country. (1917) Lyricist: W.C. Piatt

102. Our First Line Of Defense. (1917) Lyricist: M. Karasyk

103. Our Guardians Of The Sea. (1917) Lyricist: A.C. Wardlow

104. Our Navy. (1915) Lyricist: Fred Alton Haight

105. Our Navy Boys. (1917) Lyricist: Carlotta Lake

106. Our Yanks Are Sailing Home. (1919) Lyricist: Marie Annette

107. Out On The Sea (It’s The Navy). (1918) Lyricist: John R. Rathom

108. Over The Seas Boys. (1918) Lyricist: Irving Berlin

109. Over There. (1917) Lyricist: George M. Cohan

110. Overseas. (1918) Lyricist: Herbert W. Lowe

111. Parting Sailor Boy’s Vow. (1918) Lyricist: Charles Ehrgott

112. Peace On Earth And Liberty. (1917) Lyricist: Roy. L. Burtch

113. Rag Time Sailor Man. (1917) Lyricist: J. Will Callahan

114. Rear Admiral Wood. (1918) Lyricist: Daisy M. Erd

115. Roar Of The Cannon March. (1914) Lyricist: Lew J. Novy

116. Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep. (1918) Lyricist: Louis Weber

117. Sailor Boy. (1918) Lyricist: Henry Cross

118. Sailor Boy. (1917) Lyricist: Hersh & Gilette

119. Sailor Boy. (1914) Lyricist: Edward Ridge

120. Sailor Boy In Blue. (1919) Lyricist: Richard B. Weber

121. Sailor Boy (You Are My Hero). (1917) Lyricist: Lessling Alch

122. Sailor Boy’s Dream. (1917) Lyricist: Louis Weber

123. Sailor Lad. (1918) Lyricist: H.P. Nelson

124. Sailor Lad Is The Lad For Me. (1918) Lyricist: R.R. Davidson

125. Salute The Flag. (1914) Lyricist: Victor Bartlett

126. Salute The Flag. (1914) Lyricist: William T. Pierson

127. She Is My U-Boat. (1918) Lyricist: Chauncey St. Clair

128. Ship Named U.S.A. (Or Wilson’s War Cry Of Peace). (1915) Lyricist: James F. Whitehorn & T. F. Ambrose

129. Ships Of The Sea. (1918) Lyricist: Percy Ballentine

130. Smiling Jim. (1918) Lyricist: Arthur M. Kraus.

131. Soldier And Sailor Boy. (1918) Lyricist: Edwin Murphy

132. Spirit Of Liberty. (1917) Lyricist: Etta M. McAfee & A.E. Grapp

133. Stars And Stripes Are Yours As Well As Mine. (1918) Lyricist: Nina E. Walker

134. Statue Of Liberty, I’m Coming Home Toot Sweet. (1918) Lyricist: Henry Sauvain

135. Statue Of Liberty Is Smiling. (1918) Lyricist: Jack Mahoney

136. Submarine Chaser With A Yankee Crew. (1917) Lyricist: Max Maxwell

137. That Syncopated Sailor Band. (1918) Lyricist: Herman Hupfield

138. There Is Somebody Waitin’ For Me. (1917) Lyricist: Harry Lauder

139. There’s No Navy Like the U.S.A. (1916) Lyricist: Merwin J. Pulver

140. They Put Our Little Percy In The Brig. (1919) Lyricist: Wm. J. Redford

141. They’ll Know We’re Over Bye and Bye. (1917) Lyricist: Will Dillon

142. Torpedo Rag. (1917) Lyricist: Oscar Young

143. Uncle Sam Is Praying For The Stars And Stripes And You. (1919) Lyricist: Francesca Toutloff

144. Uncle Sam We’ll All Be There. (1918) Lyricist: Edward A. Terhune

145. Uncle Sam’s Ships. (1917) Lyricist: Daisy M. Erd

146. U.S. Navy. (1918) Lyricist: William H. Perrins

147. U.S.S. California. (1915) Lyricist: J.R. Shannon

148. U.S.S. Illinois. (1915) Lyricist: J.R. Shannon

149. U.S.S. Michigan. (1915) Lyricist: J.R. Shannon

150. U.S.S. New York. (1915) Lyricist: J.R. Shannon

151. U.S.S. Ohio. (1915) Lyricist: J.R. Shannon

152. U.S.S. Texas March. (1915) Lyricist: Charles L. Johnson

153. Victory. (1919) Lyricist: Max Dolin

154. Wake Up America! (1916) Lyricist: George Graff

155. Wake Up, Get Up, And Shine. (1918) Lyricist: Jos. M. Weingaertner

156. We Are Uncle Sammy’s Boys. (1914) Lyricist: Charles D. Tibbits

157. We Want A Mighty Navy. (1915) Lyricist: Howard Wesley

158. Welcome Home. (1919) Lyricist: Daisy M. Erd

159. Welcome Home Heroes All. (1918) Lyricist: Louis W. Everson

160. We’ll Come Back. (1917) Lyricist: E.G. Taratino

161. We’ll Go The Route For You. (1914) Lyricist: John J. Nilan

162. We’ll Knock The Heligo—Into Heligo Out of Heligoland! (1917) Lyricist: John O’Brien

163. We’ll Meet Them Over In France. (1917) Lyricist: Harvey A. Beasley

164. We’re Coming Uncle Sam To You. (1917) Lyricist: Frank Earl Hathaway

165. We’re Going Across. (1918) Lyricist: William Israel & Robert Cohen

166. We’re Off For The USA. (1918) Lyricist: Frances M. Witter

167. When Jack Comes Sailing Home Again. (1918) Lyricist: Nora Bayes

168. When Our Boys Come Home. (1918) Lyricist: Anne Hartigan

169. When Our Soldier Boys Return. (1918) Lyricist: George A. Stewart

170. When Sammy Comes Sailing Home. (1918) Lyricist: M.E. Webster

171. When The Boys Come Sailing Home. (1919) Lyricist: Floyd Delker

172. When The Boys Come Sailing Home. (1918) Lyricist: Martin F. Schram

173. When The Boys Come Sailing Home. (1918) Lyricist: John Philip Sousa

174. When The Great Lakes Band Goes Marching On Parade. (1918) Lyricist: James O’Keefe

175. When the Old Boat Heads For Home. (1918) Lyricist: Earl Fuller

176. When The Ships Recross The Ocean. (1918) Lyricist: Harvey S. Wolcott

177. When We See Them Home Again. (1919) Lyricist: Oakley D. Thompson

178. When Yankee Doodle Sails Upon The Good Ship Home Sweet Home. (1918) Lyricist: Addison Burkhardt

179. When You Come Back. (1917) Lyricist: Geo. Edwards

180. When You Hear The Martial Band. (1918) Lyricist: Leon P. Rundell

181. When Your Sailor Boy In Blue Comes Sailing Home To You. (1918) Lyricist: Annelu Burns

182. Won’t You Shine For Me Miss Liberty (For I Am Coming Home). (1919) Lyricist: Georgie Ginsberg

183. World’s Great War Is Won. (1919) Lyricist: D.C. Mecum

184. World’s War Song. (1918) Lyricist: Geo. B. Freeman

185. Yankee Gunner In The Navy. (1918) Lyricist: J.A. Harvey

186. Yankee Tars (American Navy March). (1919) Lyricist: John Boulton

187. You’ll Have To Take Your Hat Off To The Old Red, White, And Blue (The Greatest Nation Of Them All). (1916) Lyricist: Emory C.O’Hara.

188. Your Boy Is On The Coal Pile Now. (1918) Lyricist: Sam Ward