Jan 23

Navy TV – Culinary History of the Navy

Sunday, January 23, 2011 5:09 PM


This week on Navy TV – More “beans, bombs and black oil”.. including a Culinary History of the Navy – not just hardtack, or SOS! Did you know that some of the rations in the Pre Civil War Navy was given in cash, so each sailor could buy their own spices. Canned food in the Civil War was a huge step. 1902 saw the first Navy Cook Book with a subsequent one in 1932, but the recipes were for 100 servings at a time. Now Culinary Specialists serve balanced diets, in much more pleasant mess facilities. And they make sure that there are some good “comfort foods,” like pizza and hamburgers, as well as hosting picnics and cookouts on the fantail, different ethnic foods and celebrations.