Jun 2

Navy TV – Personal history of D Day

Thursday, June 2, 2011 12:25 PM


In a digital video oral history, D-Day survivor Peter Fantacone recalls his experience on Omaha Beach as a crewmember on USS LCI-492. This June 6 marks the 67th anniversary of the Normandy invasion.

Watch Mr. Fantacone’s personal account here on NavyTV.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Please pass to NavyTV webmaster that the video link is sluggish to virtually unusable in both IE and Firefox, using W7.

  • kevin

    My father landed first wave at Juno. I have read accounts of the inefficiencies of the Royal Navy in that they were very far away at sea stretching the length of their naval guns. I also read where the British Ships did not bombard the lower levels of elevation at the invasion point. Is there an expert out there that could give me some eddification as to if this was true.
    I have not opinion of the subject except that most all invaded beaches were supposedly attacked from the sea before the invasion occurred, however history tells me that it was a serious slaughter of allied troups. If this is true, who made these stragetic planning decisions and who was ever made accountable for putting our men in the meat grinder at the time.
    This was on of histories most accurately planned operation in warfare. What happened.
    A Son of a Vet.
    [email protected]

  • leon

    The British Navy was on station at the departure points(Canadians) and jammed out on hitting targets, they had orders to do nothing that would put their ships in harms way. Consequently the Commander put them out far enough away where they could not be touched by the shore batteries. It was a typical process where the Brits would rather waste the so called colonial Canadians rather than engage in a fullly developed and executed attack. Canada has its own constitution now and considers the UK as almost a third world country.
    If I was the minister of defence of Canada or the Prime Minister, I would be insisting on England admitting it’s culpability regarding the senseless killing of Canadians on Juno. I would like to also hold the British Navy for backing so far off the beach that they had no affect on protecting the invasion forces.
    Arrogance of a Classist Society will cause these things to happen, because they fail to have the ability to understand the consequences that they impose on the troups that they consider as savages and slaves who are in the trenches.

    Bring on the Historians my gun is loaded.