Oct 9

140th Birthday of the U. S. Naval Institute

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 1:00 AM


October 9th, 1873

First meeting of the U. S. Naval Institute

The U.S. Naval Institute was born on 9 October 1873, when fifteen officers met at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Department of Physics and Chemistry “…to organize a Society of Officers of the Navy for the purpose of discussing matters of professional interest” with Rear Admiral John L. Worden presiding. The meeting was likely the brainchild of Commodore Foxhall Parker & organized by Lieutenant Charles Belknap. The meeting was held in the department’s lecture room which was on the second floor, front of the building shown in the center of this picture dated 1873. School ships, the frigates Constitution and Santee, and sloops-of-war Marion and Dale can be seen at right. The double turreted monitor, Amphitrite, is on the Severn River behind the building.
  • colettie faircloth

    Happy 236th Birthday to our fabulous Naval Institute !! I salute you in ALL that you have accomplished & for serving & protecting our country so that we can BE FREE.

  • colettie faircloth

    My thoughts & prayers go out to ALL the NAVY TROOPS & ALL THE TROOPS in the U.S. for putting your lives on the line & standing for what WE ALL BELIEVE IN FREEDOM !!! I LOVE YOU ALL – KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL BLESSING THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO US AMERICANS