Sep 3

Target Practice!

Thursday, September 3, 2015 8:00 AM


Anyone who has had the pleasure (or should I say frustration) of searching through an archive knows you never know what you are going find. Looking through box #15 in the USNI Archives I found a unique series of photos featuring the ex-Iowa. Seeing the caption “ex” is perhaps the reason I stopped to look closer.

The USS Iowa (BB-4) was originally commissioned in June 1897 and saw action in the Spanish-American War. She then spent time with the Pacific Squadron, the North Atlantic Fleet, and the South Atlantic Squadron before being decommissioned in March 1919. She was renamed Coast Battleship No. 4 and was used as a Navy radio-controlled target ship. It was in this capacity she was sunk by the USS Mississippi (BB-41) in March 1923.

The photos below show the many hits the ex-Iowa took before finally sinking.


A Salvo From U.S.S. Mississippi


Another hit!


As Target for U.S.S. Mississippi Sunk off Panama 1923


Still standing!


A hit and a miss!


Sunk by Gunfire


Salvage Party

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