Mar 4

The Great Graphic Novel of the World War II Pacific—and the Man Behind It

Friday, March 4, 2016 3:42 PM


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Writing for Naval History is always an interesting undertaking, but sometimes a genuinely unique topic comes along—in this case, it was one that represented a fusion of two lifelong interests: naval history in general (and World War II naval history in particular), and comic books. In researching and writing the Sam Glanzman story, I got to retrace the amazing, prolific, and long-running career of a legendary comics artist—and also got to immerse myself in his most celebrated work: A Sailor’s Story, his great 1980s graphic-novel memoir of his Pacific war experiences, now available for a new generation of readers in a beautiful reprint edition. A follow-up volume will be out soon, anthologizing all the other stories Sam wrote and drew about World War II life on board the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Stevens (DD-479). I hope you’ll enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed working on it, and if you haven’t read Sam’s graphic novel yet, and you’re a World War II Pacific enthusiast, then you are in for a real treat. Anyway, in the immortal words of Stan Lee, “Excelsior!” –Eric Mills: займы онлайн без залога дельта займгрин мани займзайм займер займ под 0 процентов онлайнзайм 30000 без отказавзять займ на яндекс кошелек займ на карту онлайн срочно без отказаманисто займэкспресс займ москва займ всембезвозмездный займзайм под залог птс тюмень займ взять на картузайм в интернете без паспортазайм до 30000 займ за 5 минутгосударственный займсрочно займ на карту