Feb 14

Richard Wainwright: USS Maine survivor & supporter of the Naval Institute

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 12:22 PM





When the USS Maine exploded 120 years ago on February 15, 1898, Lieutenant Commander Richard Wainwright, one of the Naval Institute’s staunchest supporters, was the Maine’s executive officer. Fortunately, he survived.

Wainwright’s numerous contributions to Proceedings magazine began as early as 1882. He continued writing and contributing to Proceedings until his final article, “The Dacia Dilemma”, was published in August 1925 not long before he passed in 1926. Wainwright explored a variety of topics including the Graydon torpedo thrower, Fleet Tactics, The Naval Defense of the United Kingdom, Navy Coast Signals, The Merchant Marine, Gun-Making, Search Curves, and Speed Trials. He earned an honorable mention twice (1892 & 1898) in the Naval Institute’s General Prize Essay Contest & was awarded the General Prize for “Tactical Problems in Naval Warfare” in 1895.

Following Wainwright’s tour as executive officer on the USS Maine, Wainwright became commanding officer of the gunboat, USS Gloucester. The “Log of the Gloucester” was the first book published by the Naval Institute in 1899, detailing the ship’s heroic participation in the Spanish American War.

Naval Institute members can find Wainwright’s writings by logging in as members and searching for his articles by entering “Richard Wainwright” into the search bar at the top of the Naval Institute’s homepage.

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