About our Guest Bloggers

Civil War Navy is the alias for the Civil War Sesquicentennial Network which connects people and organizations interested in the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

Historyguy99, A.K.A. Thomas Wade, is a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran, who came home, and after a 30 year career in global logistics, re-purposed himself by obtaining an advanced degree in history. His love of the Navy, stems from his father, who joined the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor and fought throughout the Pacific, in campaigns from Guadalcanal to the final surrender in Tokyo Bay. Wade currently teaches history at the University of Phoenix, Southern California campus and vows to spend the rest of his life connecting the next generations to a future worth creating, by understanding the past. He also is a guest lecturer in Military History at a local university. Wade is a contributing author of John Boyd’s Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy and War, and hosts his own blog, HG’s World.

Maggie of BostonMaggie blogspot, writes about the military, foreign policy, current events and history from the perspective of a civilian who strongly supports the military, the GWOT and OIF/OEF. Maggie grew up in Charlestown, running the decks of Old Ironsides & climbing the 294 steps of the Bunker Hill monument. Her love of the Navy and the military was fostered by her father, who served aboard the USS Norris (DD-859) in the late ’50s.

Julius Melero is from Leavenworth, KS, though as a military brat it’s more accurate to say that he’s from all over. He is a graduate of Immaculata and Leavenworth High Schools and a member of the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2015. Julius is an Honors History major and wrote his Honors Thesis on the U.S. military’s role in the Greek Civil War under General James Van Fleet from 1948-1949. He has service selected Marine Ground and will report to The Basic School in June. He hopes to become an Infantry officer.

Navy Art is the alias for the staff of the Navy Art Gallery. The Navy Art Gallery has over 18,000 paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures. It contains depictions of naval ships, personnel, and action from all eras of U.S. naval history, but due to the operation of the Combat Art Program, the eras of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Shield/Storm are particularly well represented.

Navy Commemorations is the alias for the Navy Commemorations Office which is the lead agent for all US Navy Commemorations as set forth by the Navy Calendar for America. Annual events include the U.S. Navy Birthday, Battle of Midway, and Pearl Harbor. Special commemorations include the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation, 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, and the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812.

Navy Library is the alias for the staff of the Navy Department Library which was established by President John Adams on March 31, 2010. On that day in 1800, President Adams asked Benjamin Stoddert, the first Secretary of the Navy, in a single page letter to, “employ some of your clerks in preparing a catalog of books for office.” Today, that library is located at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC at the Naval History & Heritage Command on Dahlgren Avenue in the historic building complex named to honor Commodore Dudley W. Knox who was the driving force behind the Office of Naval Records and Library for more than 20 years.

NHHC is the alias for the collective efforts of the professional staff of historians, archivists, curators, librarians, museum specialists, and naval personnel employed by the Naval History & Heritage Command.

Navy TV is only three years old, but wise beyond its years. It has hundreds of rarely seen, archival and vintage films about the Navy, plus All Hands TV, commercially-produced documentaries and some slick user-generated content. It is accessible on demand 24 hours a day at www.navytv.org!

Proceedings Magazine exists to give voice to those with ideas or thoughts concerning the nation’s defense, and the interest in sharing them in an open forum. No related subjects are off-limits, and the magazine is an honest broker, taking no position on issues or the ideas expressed, other than unrestricted support for those who serve, past and present. Current issue.

Ships History is the alias for the Naval History & Heritage Command’s Histories Branch which collects and maintains information on U.S. Navy ships; provides reference assistance to the Navy and the public; researches and writes the multi-volume Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.

Steeljaw Scribe is a senior defense consultant and retired Navy Captain. A former Hawkeye squadron CO, he has over 3,000 hours and 500-plus traps in the E-2C and several other aircraft. With additional duties and experience spanning from CVN navigator to Special Assistant to the CNO for Joint Matters and operations from the Arctic to the Middle East and South America, he brings a unique perspective to his writing with interests focused on naval and aviation operations and history, nuclear strategy and policy issues and missile defense. SJS, as he is known in the blogging world since 2006, is a graduate of The Citadel, Naval War College and Naval Postgraduate School, holding a Master’s in National Security Studies from the latter. He has published articles in several periodicals and is presently working on two books. Visit Steeljaw Scribe’s Website and the USNI Blog.

Underwater Archaeology is the alias for the Naval History & Heritage Command’s Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB). The UAB assists the Director of Naval History and the Department of the Navy in all matters related to the science of underwater archaeology and the identification, research, interpretation, preservation, conservation, inventory, and management of U.S. Navy’s historic sunken military crafts. It also acts as a steward of the Navy’s sunken military watercraft and aircraft, as well as their associated artifacts.

USS Constitution is the alias for the staff of the USS Constitution Command. The USS Constitution Command maintains and sails the USS Constituion, “Old Ironsides,” America’s Ship of State and the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, out of the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts.